• Jennifer Warren

Standing in Solidarity

The Communicating Equity and Health Justice (CEHJ) Research Lab at George Mason University is founded on the will and self-determination of the Black community. Our principles reflect a commitment to equity and justice everywhere, to the liberation of people of African descent, to fostering the unabating excellence evident in Black communities across this nation and around the globe, and to healing the wounds of trauma affecting everyone in this great Nation. One step to actuating these principles is through communicating our solidarity with others when faced with attacks on Black lives.

CEHJ thus denounces all forms of terror and violence against Black bodies and Black communities. We stand in solidarity with the collective efforts of our local community and nationwide grassroots movements that continue the fight against acts of domestic terrorism fueled by white supremacy that now includes attacks on 13 people -- citizens of our broader community -- that occurred in Buffalo, New York on May 14, 2022. We stand in solidarity with the families and loved ones of three victims who were injured and the 10 victims whose lives were taken in this act of anti-Black violence and hate. We stand in solidarity with the far too many other Black people who have been slain since the inception of this country.

The humanity of all Black people and the dignity of life itself must be held as a paragon and a universal fact. We are united in lifting our voices, using our power, and leveraging our privilege to eradicate racial inequity in this country. We call on our colleagues, students, and allies across the nation to stand courageously with us. To all of those who have already made public statements, we thank you.

We demand justice for the victims of the Buffalo massacre,

their loved ones, and their community.

We demand justice in the name of our ancestors who have been here before.

#BlackLivesMatters; #vcuafam, #caahder

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